Hands of Time: Introducing the Soul of the IMCW Timepiece

A watch without hands is a body without a soul

The pinnacle of innovative design where form meets functionality, IMCW celebrates the humble hand as the soul of your timepiece. Infusing meaning into this essential element, we’ve set out to elevate the watch hand into a work of art. In developing a dynamic range of hand designs and colors as well as hour, minute and second hand customizations, you can create an instantly identifiable watch face that represents your unique style and taste right down to the smallest features.


One in a Million: Made to Order

IMCW provides premium-quality, made-to-order products with an extensive variety of customization options for each timepiece. With over 10 million different possible combinations, you can customize your watch’s dial, case, straps and hands to your liking. By making our straps seamlessly interchangeable without requiring any tools whatsoever, you can easily adapt your watch to your outfit to suit your style. To finish it off, create a genuinely one-of-a-kind piece by laser engraving your initials on the back of the watch so you can be connected to your timepiece forever.


Exclusively Yours: Enjoy the Finest Quality

We felt it essential to ensure that our watches can all be considered exclusive. That’s why we limit every design combination to just 99 pieces worldwide. This way, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your unique design truly belongs to you as you go out into the world with poise and confidence. What’s more is that at the heart of every IMCW watch lies a Swiss Quartz Movement, tirelessly driving the delicate hands around the dial, keeping your timepiece infinitely ticking and making every second count.


Forever 8 o’clock

In-depth research has shown that we reach the optimal peak of positivity at around 8am in the morning when we begin our busy routines with abounding energy. After going about a full day of activities, we once again look forward to the feeling of relaxation and calm at 8pm in the evenings. In addition to this, the number 8 is meaningful in its significant shape, alluding to the infinity sign, an endless source of energy, when rotated (). For these reasons, IMCW places our classic logo at 8 o’clock on the dial as a gentle reminder to make the most of your time on Earth, to live in the moment and to adopt a healthy work-life balance.