“If I wanna be free, I’ve gotta be me”


Our bespoke label is inspired by you – the rebels, the limited editions, the brave ones who won’t be defined by set parameters. We champion a daring vision for our brand to become synonymous with people who believe in themselves and embrace their uniqueness. We aim to inspire you to embrace your most authentic self, celebrating your unique style even if that means standing out when it would be easier to fit in.

You were not born to be mediocre so you deserve to wear a label that reflects your innate difference. So, in the age of fast fashion and mass uniformity, we offer an alternative to the status quo: an effortlessly minimalistic, endless possibilities to customize, infused with individuality and charisma – Innimaltive Style!

Design Philosophy


Adjective/ Noun

The meeting point of three crucial elements: the Individual, the Minimalist and the Creative. A completely new perspective, which has no more barriers and break free from the norm.

By adhering to our vision, IMCW sets itself apart by producing products its followers can truly call their own. A rejection of the ready-made in favour of the customized. An acceptance of one’s own uniqueness and a desire to share that singularity through style.

We’ve stripped our pieces down to the bare essentials to allow for an immersive customer experience where you get to make your bespoke creations. In distilling and simplifying our designs, we’ve allowed room for you to harness the joy of creativity as you create a unique piece that will showcase your individuality perfectly.


Official Brand Video