I'm who I am
No-one like me
No style like mine



You were not born to be mediocre so you deserve to wear a label that reflects your innate difference. IMCW, an acronym for Individual Minimalist and Creative Wares, presents a bold new addition to the bespoke accessories market. In the age of fast fashion and mass uniformity, we offer an alternative to the status quo: an effortlessly minimalistic, infinitely customizable range, infused with individuality and charisma. We champion a daring vision for our brand to become synonymous with people who believe in themselves and embrace their uniqueness. We aim to inspire you to embrace your most authentic self, celebrating your unique style even if that means standing out when it would be easier to fit in.



Adjective/ Noun

The meeting point of three crucial elements: the Individual, the Minimalist and the Creative. A rejection of the ready-made in favour of the customized. An acceptance of one’s own uniqueness and a desire to share that singularity through style.



Your style is a limited edition, which is why each IMCW design combination is limited to only 99 pieces worldwide. Taking a genuinely bespoke approach to design, every watch is made to order according to your specifications. The unique serial number provided on the back of your watch is a mark of its exclusivity, ensuring that, just like you, your timepiece is absolutely unique.

We understand that luxury is in the details so with customization available on every element of your piece including the watch dial, case, hands and interchangeable straps, you have the opportunity to build a signature timepiece that is as distinctive as you are. This means that with over 10 million possible combinations available through our seamlessly integrated website, you aren’t likely to encounter another watch exactly like yours anytime soon.

IMCW’s minimalist designs are guaranteed to compliment your outfit pairings and our interchangeable straps require no tools to swap so changing your look is now as easy as clip, change, go. For the ultimate luxe touch, you can have your initials laser-engraved on the back of your watch, turning it into a legacy piece that can be enjoyed forever.