The notation x | y usually means "x given y" or "x conditional on y" in probability.

A real statement based on the principle of conditional probability - we promise you millions of possibilities to personalize your jewelry and create minimalist jewelry that can be best represent you by utilizing your creativity and imagination.

Transformer Jewelry: Be Creative Without Restrictions

A transformable jewelry, a striking piece in line with our philosophy - Innimaltive style. Minimalistic jewelry design infused with your individual style and adding creative details to form a unique minimal refined look.

IMCW transformable jewelry collections provide the option of changing a jewelry in up to nine different designs or styles. Our x | y | z jewelry set comes with additional chain and charm. The chain and charm are changeable to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to match your style of the day. You can even mix and match a stainless-steel chain and a leather chain today for a bold look, then switch to a different chain the next day for a different style.

Customization Design: Create Jewelry In Your Way

Made to be mixed and matched, you may choose from a variety of chain styles and materials, pendant and charm styles, clasp designs, and even add custom engraving to create your unique jewelry. We wanted to push the limits of traditional jewelry even further, break the boundaries of conventional jewelry where “a design for everyone” will not exist in IMCW. Our jewelry is more than just a personal adornment. It acts as a voice to communicate your personal style, aesthetics, and self-expression. Wear your originality with confidence, even if it is contrary to the norms.


Crafted In Sincerity: A Handmade, Made-to-order Jewelry

IMCW jewelry is handcrafted to premium-quality with an extensive variety of customization options in each element - Chain, Clasp, Pendants & Charms. We believed that there is no specific design that can represent each person. Individuality is non-replicable, designed it your way to reflect your individual style and express yourself through IMCW’s jewelries. You create and design in your way to reflect your best virtues, we crafted at your request.