4 Steps To Customize Your Watch

Step 1 : Choose your collection

Our timepiece are divided into four collections: Infinity, Contemporary, Vintage, and Elegant. Each collection has its unique dial design. Choose according to your personality and style.

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Step 2 : Choose colour and design

With over 10 million different possible combinations, you can customise your watch’s dial, case, and hands to your liking. Choose colours and designs that reflect your individual style!

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Step 3 : Choose Your Strap

We’ve make our straps seamlessly interchangeable without requiring any tools whatsoever, you can easily adapt your watch to your outfit to suit your style !

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Step 4 : Add Engravings

To finish it off, create a memorable everlasting piece by laser engraving initials, name or a short message on the back of the watch so you can be connected to your timepiece forever.

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4 Steps to customize your jewelry

Step 1 : Choose your Collection

Minimalistic jewelry design infused with your individual style and adding creative details to form a unique minimal refined look. Our jewelry are divided into two collections: x | y | z and x | y.  

x | y | z - made up of:  Two interchangeable chains (half chain) and a custom charm. 

x | y - made up of: One chain with an engravable bar and a custom charm.

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Step 2 : Choose Chain

Choose from a range of chain designs and materials to create your own unique piece of jewelry. x | y | z collection allows you to customize using two diverse chain designs combined to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that make head turns. 

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Step 3 : Choose Bracelet elements

Do you know that each charm has a unique tale to tell? Choose your charm to make a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

You may even choose your favourite pendant and clasp style for the x | y collection. Customize to your heart's content!

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Step 4 : Add Engravings

Engrave initials or your name on the pendant or charm to make it uniquely yours. Make a lasting piece of jewelry that also serves as a beautiful way to tell your story and commemorate significant life events.

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