Philosopher: a masterpiece of wisdom

From smart to wise, philosophers start the voyage of discovery not only sought the new landscape but also have their own unique thinking. Combined ancient wisdom and modern art, IMCW designed Philosopher to honor the history and meet the wild thoughts. Our Philosophers features an extraordinary yet conservative dial, exudes a sense of charm yet humble dignity. The dials are available in pearl white and matte black that imparting a sense of simple retro and delicate to complement your charm and charisma.

"Learn from the past, live the present, change the future"

Past is the key to the future. Philosopher celebrates your ability to think independently, discover of genuineness and live life to the profound.

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(i) The product images may differ depending on the color settings on your computer or any mobile device.
(ii) The true appearance of the watch hands are solid instead of gradient, the products images (especially the IP colours) taken with strong lighting meant to show in its best display.
(iii) The serial numbers appears in the product images should be seen as illustrations purpose only. Please note that each of the IMCW watch is limited release and comes with a unique serial number.

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