Innimaltive: A New Chapter Begins With A Signature 

Our Innimaltive features a refined sandblast dial without scale, and we set the watch hands customization free from limits to providing you a infinite space of personal touch so you can set your creativity free to showcase your individuality. Don't be afraid to break all the fashion rules and create a bold mix as you like it. Its pleasingly simple design leaving only IMCW logo at the 8 o'clock position serves as our signature to takes you explore beyond limits.

You Owe Your Style A Statement

Innimaltive crafted as the blank canvas and have you to express your authentic self through create your own style. We’ve spared no efforts at IMCW to stripped this piece down to the bare essentials and allowed room for you to harness the joy of creativity so you can show who you are in one timepiece. Having your own individuality is proud enough, don’t hide it.

We have made every effort to display the products as accurately as possible. However, kindly note that IMCW do not guarantee that all the images reflect the true appearance of the products.

(i) The product images may differ depending on the color settings on your computer or any mobile device.
(ii) The true appearance of the watch hands are solid instead of gradient, the products images (especially the IP colours) taken with strong lighting meant to show in its best display.
(iii) The serial numbers appears in the product images should be seen as illustrations purpose only. Please note that each of the IMCW watch is limited release and comes with a unique serial number.

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