Classic Enamel: The synonymous with Eternity

The Classic Enamel features an enamel dial luxuriously. This luminous piece is sheeny as glass and everlasting which matched seamlessly with the clean lines of indexes. With a luxurious finish, it is simple, sleek yet sophisticated; invite your personal touch on multiple options of enamel dials, allows you to asserting yourself elegantly and let your radiance shine through.

The essence behind years of scrupulous craftsmanship

Enameling is a complicated process that requires meticulous work and take days to complete. The process involves repetition in layering the ground-up enamel powder to a thin metal disc which deftly sifted on and involves a short firing at 140 hundred degrees Celsius in a hot oven. This effort eventually gives off a radiant sheen and creamy texture consistent finish.

We have made every effort to display the products as accurately as possible. However, kindly note that IMCW do not guarantee that all the images reflect the true appearance of the products.

(i) The product images may differ depending on the color settings on your computer or any mobile device.
(ii) The true appearance of the watch hands are solid instead of gradient, the products images (especially the IP colours) taken with strong lighting meant to show in its best display.
(iii) The serial numbers appears in the product images should be seen as illustrations purpose only. Please note that each of the IMCW watch is limited release and comes with a unique serial number.

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