Make Your Gift More Meaningful

The act of gifting is a way to let someone special know you’re thinking about them. Mostly during festivals, holidays, or special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays that’s when many are struggling to choose the perfect gift. So, are you one of them, still finding a gift for your loved ones? Let us tell you!

Why personalized gift is the best?

Personalized gifts are perfect to almost anyone and, on every occasion, regardless of age, gender and relationships. It can be very personal, unique, and one-of-a-kind gifts that will become a cherished long-lasting memory keepsake.

Custom watch – A brilliant personalized gift

A watch can be a meaningful gift for everyone. It is valuable and an item designed to use every day. A customized timepiece may communicate powerful emotion and express your appreciation for your loved ones by adding a personal touch. That personalized watch should be different, something only that your receiver would have.

Why choose IMCW for personalized gifts?

1. Customization

IMCW watches are designed for everyone to create their style statement and express individuality. You can create your very own watch by selecting your preferred casing, dial, hand design for the hour, minute, and second. Not to mention a variety of colors from which to choose!

The watch strap is easily interchangeable, allowing you to swap your watch strap for different styles and materials. This is enjoyable and adaptive for your loved ones as they have total control over the style and mood. Your recipients will be able to effortlessly match the watch to their current wardrobe or any occasion.

2. Personalization – Watch engraving

IMCW makes your gift extra special with free engraving. You may have their names or initials engraved on the timepiece to make them feel significant and as if it was made just for them. IMCW watch engraving allows you to engrave a short message up to 54 characters long, expressing your emotions of love and gratitude for your loved ones on a particular day.

3. Limited edition

The best gift should be unique, exclusive, and significant! IMCW timepiece is limited to only 99 pieces worldwide and with a unique serial number as the proof of limited releases.

4. High quality components

People are mindful of the quality and distinctiveness of customized presents when it comes to gift choosing. IMCW watches are made-to-order using high-quality materials such as 316L stainless steel and sapphire crystal watch glass, the highest quality watch crystal available. All the IMCW watches are powered by a Swiss Quartz Movement that ensures excellent accuracy.

5. Aesthetically pleasing and timeless

IMCW watch is simple and bears uniqueness. It is a timepiece that can be easily accepted by everyone because of its design. This makes IMCW watch an ideal choice for gifts, considering that it stays relevant, stylish, and withstand the trend!

Take your gift to the next level with a unique gift created specifically for the person you are gifting it to!