I'm Who I Am

IMCW (2018) – I’m who I am

As a statement it sums up IMCW's identity and attitude: It is bold, confidence, firm and exceptional as yours.
Through our commitment to nonconformists and responded with fashion essentials, we’d like you to discover your unique individuality, set forth with boldness and create a statement that you'll proud to express.

It assert to stand one out from the rest, has you to claiming an own-style that reflects your innate difference and make your individuality shine through wherever you go.

Claim your individuality

Be who your really are 'cause you are proud enough to being you. 
Become who you want to be 'cause you always have the potential to reach higher.

I'm who I am, wish you could say it out loud.

First, let's start with "I"

The words that start with "I" are individuality, incredible, invincible...

By using the phrase ‘start with I’, we mean to inspire you to make any move that the original intention is for your own sake.

“I'm struggling forward, because I desired to be the one that I’ll proud of.”

Let's start with I and look forward to become who we want to be.